Our founder

Tee Simpkins,

Founder, Program Director

Tiffany Bailey 

Barbara Bridges-Riley

​Charlene Turner

our leadership team

The Graniteville House of Recovery

Foundation History


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mission & vision

“The primary aim of treatment is to support people to live the lives that they want, fulfill their potential, and enable them to be part of their communities and live as independently as possible”

                                                 -Tee Simpkins, 


We are a facility that champions the value of diversity and inclusion for people with substance use disorders. Together, we will constantly learn and seek to provide excellent services to foster andenhance women's quality of life. 

2017- Graniteville opened in Sweet Valley, PA

2018- Our treatment program was developed in house to run on a theory-based curriculum that consist of three phases. Each phase is comprised of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing that will increase the client’s insight of self-reflection, thought processing and decision making. As they move through each phase the clients gain confidence as they complete self important task and work toward finding purpose, sober lifestyle, and independence. 

2019- We are looking forward to another year of possibilities, adventures, influencing our members in a positive way, and setting new goals for us here at Graniteville for continuous quality improvement.  

Cleo Lebron,

Executive Director

Kien Gallwey-Grant,

Vice President of Development


Helping those we serve to be more independent by empowering them, gaining confidence and self-esteem, finding their voices, obtaining gainful employment, and supporting them to be in charge of their health and wellness.